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Jan 30 2017  |  Buzz, News

AOL Lifestyle: Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Discusses Chuda for

Featured on AOL Lifestyle: Celebrity makeup artist, Jamie Greenberg, discusses why Chuda is "the real deal."  "There is a good reason why the Chuda Healing Hydrating cream has been featured in so many top magazines -- it's the real deal. It penetrates into the deeper layers  Read more...

Dec 13 2016  |  Buzz

The Chuda Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

  Chuda Healing Hydrating CreamThe gift of healthy, hydrated, radiant skin—everyone wants it. $150, Shop Now   The Allure Cuff by Eddie Borgo The most stunning gold plated cuff to make their spirits extra bright.  $221,   Seleste Suede Shoe  Read more...

Nov 20 2016  |  Buzz

Celebrity Make up Artist Jamie Greenberg Interviews Chuda Founder

  Jamie Greenberg, celebrity make up artist and beauty personality sat down with Chuda's founder Dr. Elena Ocher to get "the inside scoop" on Chuda.  "You’ve heard me raving about my Chuda healing hydrating cream on Insta, Snapchat, Facebook, and every other outlet I  Read more...

Nov 14 2016  |  Buzz

More Praise from Glossybox

Chuda was featured in Glossybox in October and now they are saying "Thank You" to Chuda for being one of their favorite new brands. Here is what they had to say:  Dear CHUDA, I owe you so much more than a THANK YOU but for now this will do. My super sensitive skin suffers  Read more...

Oct 20 2016  |  Buzz, News

Chuda Featured in Glossybox!

We are excited to announce that Chuda has been included in the october Glossybox! Read more...

Sep 26 2016  |  Buzz

Chuda Featured on recently listed Chuda as one of the best skincare products recommended by makeup artists at NYFW. "I would have overlooked this teeny container of Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream ($150, if an MUA didn't tell me it's a secret weapon for  Read more...

Sep 21 2016  |  News, Events

Chuda at New York Fashion Week - Skin is In

It was all about the base—what you put on before makeup—at New York Fashion Week. Makeup artists in-the-know applied Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream pre foundation to help reduce redness and create a smooth, even canvas for flawless application.    Go  Read more...

Aug 8 2016  |  News

This New Moisturizer Actually Heals Your Sunburn

Pain and redness be gone. With summer comes sun and with sun comes sunburn. But besides slathering yourself in aloe and hoping your peel isn't *too* bad, there hasn't been much you can do to say goodbye to a bad burn.'s 2016, shouldn't we have figured this out by  Read more...

Jul 18 2016  |  Buzz

BYRDIE.COM loves Chuda Skincare

  I took a deskside meeting with what I believed to be just another great anti-aging skincare company. When we sat down, I was introduced to Dr. Elena Ocher, a Georgia-born neurosurgeon, anesthesiologist, and pain management specialist. That was my first clue this product  Read more...

Jun 30 2016  |  Buzz

Chuda Skincare Featured on!

Pro surfer Karina Petroni mentions Chuda as part of her skincare regimen:  "'The true beauty of my profession is to be able to experience so many new places and cultures and people. The act of riding a wave [is] the shortest part,' she says with a laugh. It has also taught  Read more...

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